Martley Road, Lower Broadheath, Worcestershire, WR2 6QG

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Please Note: This is a sample menu as they do change regularly. Call 01905 640220 for our current menu


Sticky toffee pudding (V) £4.95

Steaming toffee sponge pudding smothered in a toffee sauce served with a choice of vanilla ice cream or Devonshire custard


Waffle (V) £4.95

A warm Belgian waffle topped with a medly of strawberries, blackberries, blackcurrents and raspberries in a tangy raspberry coulis topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream


L emon & meringue (with a twist)  (V) (A.GF)  £5.00      

    Lemon and meringue ice cream layered with crunchy meringue, tangy lemon coulis and fresh whipped cream sprinkled with shortbread crumble.  


         R aspberry mousse (A.G.F)                   Homemade raspberry mousse, served with fresh raspberries, French whipped cream and homemade shortbread.            £4.75  

              C hocolate Fudge (V) £5.00                                   Warm chocolate fudge cake with extra chocolate sauce, served with vanilla ice cream, fresh whipped cream and drizzled with even more chocolate sauce. 


Crumble (V) £4.95

Chunks of apple and tangy blackberries topped with a golden crumble. Served with Devonshire custard

Rice pudding (V) (G.F) £4.75

Home madee rice pudding with fresh cranberries   drizzled with English honey and served with a brandy snap


            C heese & Biscuits    (V)  (A.G.F)                 A selection of hard and soft local cheeses such as “Hereford Hop” & “Black bomber cheddar” served with grapes, celery, Chutney and a selection of biscuits (ideal to share)    £6.75


Bennetts Ice Cream Parlour

We have a fantastic selection of local Bennetts farm Ice creams where you make up your own sundae and choose both the flavour and the amount you would like.

1 - Choose from: 2 - Toppings: 3 - Sauces:
Strawberries and cream Mini smarties Chocolate
Carribean rum and raison Marshmallows Strawberry
Cappuccino Jelly Diamonds Caramel
Begian chocolate ripple Hundreds & Thousands Bubblegum
Raspberry ripple Almond flakes Lemon
Mint choc chip Chopped walnuts Raspberry
Lemon meringue Fudge pieces Maple
Banoffe fudge Maltesers

Chocolate orange

Raspberry sorbert (VE)


Each scoop of ice cream is £1, each sauce is 30p and each topping is 30p